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Since 1892, the Foster Lumber Company has owned a track of land that was later developed into the community presently known as Kingwood, Texas. On December 28, 1967 the land was sold by the Foster’s to a joint venture company between the historic King Ranch of south Texas and the Friendswood Development Company; which is a developer of master-planned communities in the Greater Houston area.

Prior to the sell of the Foster’s land, a reservoir was created in 1953 on the San Jacinto River when the City of Houston built a dam to create a reservoir to replace Sheldon Lake, then the primary source of water for the city. This reservoir is now referred to as Lake Houston.

Kingwood, founded in 1969, began development on the North West side of Lake Houston 16-years after the reservoir was completed. The name is derived from the King Ranch as well as from the Friendswood Development Company.

In fact, Fosters Mill Village and Foster Elementery School in Kingwood is an omage to the Foster’s for owning the land that was sold to the joint venture and the family’s legacy.

Another track of land on the Southeast edge of the Foster’s property had an old family home that was built in the early 1940’s on a ridge. A local Houstonian, Dr. Phillip Blackman, who later worked at the Baylor University College of Medicine, owned the land and used the home as his weekend retreat house. When Lake Houston reservoir began to fill, it unexpectedly covered most of the land in front of the home and the only access road crossing over Caney Creek to the estate. After a settlement with the insurance company for the loss of land due to flooding, it is said that Dr. Blackman negotiated with the Fosters an easement (right-of-way passage) on the southern most edge of the Foster’s property line to his house.

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